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Our Services


Our goal at Walutes Capital is to meet your unique real estate development, asset management, and accounting needs, which we recognize are different for every investor.  From “mom and pop” landlords to institutional portfolios, we will work with you to clearly define and achieve your objectives.


Broadly speaking, we break our services into the following phases of the real estate development life cycle: 1) feasibility and acquisition, 2) design, 3) financing, 4) construction, 5) marketing and leasing, and 6) operations and management. Within this cycle, we take two approaches to development:  

Development Approach 1 (Non-Equity): We act as the developer on a fee-only basis (i.e. without an equity position in the deal). In this capacity, we work closely with the owners while guiding a project through the above six stages of the development cycle. Depending on the particular objectives, we will either facilitate a sale to exit the deal or, if desired, assume asset management responsibilities for the stabilized project. 

Development Approach 2 (Equity Partnership): With this approach, we assume an equity stake as a partner in a deal, either with a direct capital contribution or via “sweat equity.” In this capacity, we act as owner/developer, coordinating with other owners while leading all six stages of the development cycle. As partners, we typically assume asset management responsibilities upon project stabilization.

However, if your needs do not fall neatly into either of the above categories, we are happy to discuss the following ad hoc real estate development, asset management, and accounting consulting services to fit your situation:    


Ad Hoc Consulting Services:

  • Integration of real estate investments into personal financial plans 

  • Deal underwriting and underwriting model creation 

  • Financial modeling and cash flow projections

  • Asset management process implementation and improvement

  • General consulting on real estate investing best practices 

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